Mysql - Accessing start up variables

by John McGeechan



For a variery of reasons the startup variables may not be be accessible from the mysql administrator panel.

To get access to the startup variables try the following....





NB The following solution worked for Windows XP  and Vista, it assumes that mysql is running as a service on the local machine and picking up the correct options from the config file.

  • Invoke MySQL Administrator and before choosing OK to connect,  press and hold the <Ctrl> key. The Cancel button caption changes to Skip.
  • Now choose the Skip option and be presented with a cut down list of options in the left pane of the Administrator on start up.
  • Choose the Service Control option in the left pane and choose the Configure Service tab in the right pane.
  • Untick the option box for Named Pipes and click Apply.
  • Exit and then logon as normal.

NB This only works if the named pipe option box is already checked with a tick!