Drupal plugin written in Jquery to increase or decrease web elements or font sizes

by John McGeechan


 A handy little Drupal plugin that let's users increase/decrease fonts with a single click

nb I tried  the official drupalfont  resizer, but could not get it working, on the off-chance that you have the same problem...

Official releases Date Size Links Status
6.x-1.0 2009-Nov-03 6.75K Recommended for 6.x This is currently the recommended release for 6.x.
5.x-1.0 2007-Jul-14 207.36 KB Recommended for 5.x This is currently the recommended release for 5.x.



Download the source and install in ~/sites/all/modules (or wherever you keep your modules)

Activate the module in ~admin/build/modules


Activate the font resizer block in ~admin/build/block. The block is named "Resize Fonts" and allocating the block to a region in the template should display the font resizer widget. Note after activating the block it may be necessary to clear the cache.  This is the absoloute simplest invocation of this plugin. 


The plugin is fully customizable through a series of default parameters. The defaults screen can be found at ~/admin/settings/fontResizer

see notes on settings screen for explanation of each parameter

Trouble shooting

If the plugin works correctly all elements on a page should increase and decrease uniformly, the only time this will not happen is where the page contains hard-coded sizes for certain elements and not em's or pecentages (or "Resize Holder" is set to a very specific, lower level node).

If you do spot any bugs, feel free to post comments below, who knows if we have the time, we may even fix them wink

(alternatively use the contact link for this site)