Canonical meta tags for drupal multiple domain sites

by John McGeechan


 Slight enhancement to domain_source module to add canonical meta tags to node. Canonical meta tags can improve SEO

Official releases Date Size Links Status
6.x-1.0 2012-Aug-20 6.75K Recommended for 6.x This is currently the recommended release for 6.x.


This v. small module should probably be a patch. It simply takes the canonical source as defined by the domain_source module (under 'domain access' options when editing node) and uses that to build a canonical meta tag. Canonical meta tags can aid SEO. 

whether google frowns on multiple domains pointing to the same content, i am still not 100% sure, a little bit of digging and you will see opinions are divided. But google itself does cover the issue pretty well here ... 


Download the source and install in ~/sites/all/modules (or wherever you keep your modules)

Activate the module in ~admin/build/modules





nothing to do really, this module will simply add a canonical meta tag to all nodes. The canonical domain used is the one specified as the 'source domain' through the domain_source module