Contributed articles

DFP bulk ad unit upload

by John McGeechan

The dfp bulk upload for ad units, is really picky and I mean really picky.

Views AJAX problems

by John McGeechan


Recently had the ajax functionality in views admin suddenly start  throwing errors...

An error occured at /admin/build/views/ajax/config_item/....

This error extended to most ajax operations with views admin and meant that none of the ajax functionality would work

How to give any youtube video a thumbnail of your choice

by John McGeechan


Anyone who has loaded up a video on youtube had faced the frustration of being forced to use a choice of one of 3 random images. Youtube seems to have a maniacal obsession with not allowing users to specify their own chosen thumbnail for a video - there may be a good reason for this btw, I just don't know what that reason is. You can specify the thumbnail if you are a youtube partner, but as of the publication of this article (2013-07-18) it certainly isn't the case for a regular youtube account.

Drupal and mollom

by John McGeechan

Drupal and mollom - or why users may not be able to register on your site and you would never know it


We currently run drupal on a single code base over multiple domains (via domain module suite). Just recently we had reports that some users could not register on some of the domains as they could not answer the Mollom captcha correctly