About us

by John McGeechan

Haytor, Dartmoor National ParkSimpler IT Solutions is a small web development agency based in Brixham, near the Dartmoor national park.

We offer clients a complete web design and development service based on knowledge and expertise gained in over 20 years in the IT industry. We have worked with client's and developers as close as Totnes and as far away as Bangalore India. 

Simpler IT Solutions provides customised software solutions that are specific to our clients' needs. Using our experience and technical expertise to deliver easy-to-understand systems that empower our clients and provide real benefit to their organization.

Our application development approach focuses on meeting the desired goals of the client by working collaboratively from the outset through to delivery, using clear and jargon-free communication. At Simpler IT Solutions we believe the success of any application is measured by its usage and it's usefulness. User centric design plays a key role in ensuring that the eventual system is the one that perfectly matches the clients requirements.

Because we are a small development company and use many of the excellent open source technologies  (which simply means industry strength products, but with a free license )  this is why our work rates are always competitively priced and provide free estimates for any work that we may undertake.

We work on projects of all sizes ranging from simple changes to existing websites to the build and deployment of fully functional websites that use many of the leading web technologies, some of the more recent client projects can be found here.  

We don't believe in filling our website with endless self-promotion that you will probably never read anyway, so enough about us. If you want to know more and wish to speak to us regarding any web design/development requirements that you may have than please feel free to contact us, either to talk about specifics or just to talk about general options that are available to you.